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I'm using a webkit browser with python+GTK, and it seems to be missing a few things.

You can see the problem in the example from here:

from gi.repository import WebKit  
from gi.repository import Gtk  
import os  
#The activate_inspector function gets called when the user  
#activates the inspector. The splitter is a Gtk.Splitter and is user  
#data that I passed in when I connected the signals below.  
#The important work to be done is to create a new WebView  
#and return it in the function. WebKit will use this new View  
#for displaying The Inspector. Along the way, we need to add  
# the view to the splitter  
def activate_inspector(inspector, target_view, splitter):  
  inspector_view = WebKit.WebView()  
  return inspector_view  
#create the container widgets  
window = Gtk.Window()  
splitter = Gtk.Paned(orientation=Gtk.Orientation.VERTICAL)  
#create the WebView  
view = WebKit.WebView()  
#Use set_property to turn on enable-developer-extras. This will  
#cause "Inspect Element" to be added to the WebKit's context menu.  
#Do not use view.get_settings().enable_developer_extras = True,   
#this does not work. Only using "set_property" works.  
#Get the inspector and wire the activate_inspector function.  
#Pass the splitter as user data so the callback function has  
#a place to add the Inspector to the GUI.  
inspector = view.get_inspector()  
inspector.connect("inspect-web-view",activate_inspector, splitter)  
#make a scroller pane to host the main WebView  
sw = Gtk.ScrolledWindow()   
#put something in the WebView  
html_string = "<HTML><HEAD></HEAD><BODY>Hello World</BODY></HTML>"  
root_web_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(__file__))  
root_web_dir = "file://%s/" % root_web_dir  
view.load_html_string(html_string, root_web_dir)  
#show the window and run the program  

When you open the inspector, then open the console, the breadcrumb/resizer doesn't show. I described the problem in detail on this post, which has had no answers, and I reported a bug, which has had no response. So am I correct in assuming this is only a problem on my machine since upgrading 12.10+? If so, can I reset/reinstall some packages to make it work properly again?

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