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I just installed a fresh copy of ubuntu destop 10.10 on my (old) Acer laptop. I downloaded Synergy and Google-Earth's deb file and it opened with the Ubuntu Software Center.

Now in the applications menu I see a google earth and a synergy option, but they don't do anything. Nothing opens.

Did I do something wrong? Was there something I needed to do?


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Try to launch the applications from the terminal and check for error messages. – João Pinto Feb 27 '11 at 17:31

Google Earth has a known bug. Try this answer to see if fixes that problem.

I can't help with Synergy - as João Pinto observes in his comment, try running synergyc (if you want your Ubuntu PC to be a client) or synergys if your Ubuntu PC will be a server in a terminal window to see what output you get.

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