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I installed the graphic card driver:

enter image description here

But Unity is still in 2d mode:

enter image description here

How can I bring it into 3d mode?

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That is Unity 3D (if the screenshot you posted is accurate, that is).

The 3D part simply means that it uses OpenGL (it doesn't mean it's literally 3D).

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But according it's not 3d!!!panel icons have background and I don't have a smooth animations... – Mohammads Apr 20 '13 at 2:13
@Mohammad, Yes, panel icons do have a background in Unity 3D (I can confirm this), and the reason why you don't have smooth animations is that your computer and/or graphics card is slower (well, TBH, it's technically unity's fault, but I won't get into that). Also, look at the dash. It has NONE of the features in Unity 2D (therefore, it's unity 3D). – MiJyn Apr 20 '13 at 6:21

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