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After installing Texlive 2012 trought the texlive-backports ppa on Ubuntu 12.04, I cannot find it in /usr/local/. Why?

I need to find the path to the binaries so I can add that to TeXstudio.

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which pdflatex – Martin Schröder Apr 20 '13 at 13:46
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I'm afraid that this is because it goes to /usr/share, but in any case, look for it with

locate texlive |more

(The |morebit is necessary because you'll get too many hits).

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Sure enough, there it is in /share. Thanks. – JMac Apr 19 '13 at 18:12
As a footnote, when I ran locate texlive (with or without the |more) the terminal came back with nothing... – JMac Apr 19 '13 at 18:15
I don't use Ubuntu, but I'm sure your package manager knows where the files from the packages are - no need to use locate. – Martin Schröder Apr 20 '13 at 13:45

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