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Q1 What themes has a thin top border?

Q2 Could I in an easy way change the size of the topborder of the default Ambiance theme


I'm trying to switch to using (almost) the default Ubuntu desktop distro setup instead of doing lots of customization's as switching of window manager and mapping keys for example. Because all that fiddling with the setup has stolen lots of time from me at every install, upgrade, and reinstall that I have done at work and at home during the last 20 years.

The default theme (Ambiance) which I mostly like has a top border thats 28px high which I think is wasting a lot of space on my screen if I have a bunch of windows on the same desktop.

I have tried to use MyUnity to switch theme but it does not update the themes correctly immediately and surfing for new themes on the web is also very hard since I found no good searchtool where I could see the border look in a quick way.

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You could try that and play with the values. You'd still have to use myunity... – user55822 Apr 19 '13 at 20:26

A1 I have not found any really good ones yet. But to have an easy look at the at all the installed themes I wrote a (not so) simple oneliner:

locate /metacity-1/ | \
sed "s@^.*themes/\([^/]*\)/metacity-1/.*@echo \1; gconftool --type=string -s /apps/metacity/general/theme '\1'; sleep 2;@" | \
uniq | bash

This will show you each theme for 2 seconds and display the name of the theme in the terminal

A2 Seems like the answer to this is NO. It seems like I will have to customize some existing theme to my own liking using this guide:

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