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I'a a newby at Ubuntu.

In my office there is a Ubuntu 10.04 server with 2 x 1TB hard drives running on RAID .

Yesterday, the server could not be booted and it prints out that a drive could not be mounted and that the /home folder is not present, even if the server owner tells me that the second drive is a mirror of the first one .

I booted from a USB stick running the same ubuntu version, installed mdadm but I'm stuck, I cannot mount any of the hard drives / the RAID component, to backup the files .

What I do see with disk utility is this: 2 hard drives in an array, with the second hard drive failing .

The server owner lost the root password so even if I boot without the second hard drive I can not login .

The main question is why isn't the /home folder present ? everything would be great if the home folder was in place as we could copy the files over the network .

Can anything be done in this situation ? I do know that I can do a file recovery from windows, but with a 1TB hard drive that will take ages, I already looked into it and I would have to recover one partition 908 GB big /raw state ...probably the RAID component.

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When you try to boot, does it give you the option to solve the problem manually? –  Mitch Apr 19 '13 at 6:57
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