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I'm not getting any thumbnails in nautilus for my NEF files (photo raw). Is there an easy way to repair this?

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Is this still reproducible? – Braiam Apr 7 '14 at 0:26
@Braiam Don't know about 14.04, but in 13.10 I had to install those extra packages as in my asnwer for it to work. – Dan Apr 7 '14 at 7:12

By default, Ubuntu doesn’t display thumbnails for NEF files. But you can try (as explained in this blog post) installing UFraw.

sudo apt-get install ufraw

And if itś not already existing, create a thumbnailer file /usr/share/thumbnailers/ufraw.thumbnailer, with content :

[Thumbnailer Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/ufraw-batch --embedded-image --out-type=png --size=%s %u --overwrite --silent --output=%o

This file basically say to exec ufraw-batch (with the good parameters) on any file with the specified mimetypes (including image/x-nef).

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+1, a small correction needed, it should be /usr/share/thumbnailers instead of /usr/share/thumbnailer – danijelc Dec 17 '13 at 11:04
I have a Panasonic camera, which creates RW2 files. I had to add the MIME Type of image/x-panasonic-raw2; to the end of the last line above. Works a charm after that! :) – seanlano Jan 12 at 8:19

You can install the following packages, and Nautilus will start displaying thumbnails for NEF files without having to do any manual configuration.

sudo apt-get install libopenraw1 libopenrawgnome1 gnome-raw-thumbnailer

source: Ubuntu Foums - viewing nikon NEF raw files?

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I am using gnome 15.10 , got non problem with nikon.nef and canon.cr2 ,but no way to show thumbnails of nikon.NRW

  • I can get preview only by script using dcraw , but not in gnome-thumnailers

Here the script i set in nautilus :

for i in $FILES
echo "Processing image $i ..."
/usr/bin/dcraw -e  $i thumb.$i

Of course this make a new jpeg on side of the pic....

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