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i have been doing this web browser for roughly a day now, i have got the main look of the browser set up how i want it.

i have now decided to add a little progress bar at the bottom of the main window to show how far along a page is load. The progress bar has been added using quickly (so i have the look in the interface) but now i can not for the life of me figure out how to get the progress bar to work when the page is being loaded.

Any idea's on how i can do this guys?

My code for the web browser is as follows

import gettext
from gettext import gettext as _

from gi.repository import Gtk, WebKit # pylint: disable=E0611
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger('dm_web_browser')

from dm_web_browser_lib import Window
from dm_web_browser.AboutDmWebBrowserDialog import AboutDmWebBrowserDialog
from dm_web_browser.PreferencesDmWebBrowserDialog import PreferencesDmWebBrowserDialog

# See for more details about how this class works
class DmWebBrowserWindow(Window):
    __gtype_name__ = "DmWebBrowserWindow"

    def finish_initializing(self, builder): # pylint: disable=E1002
        """Set up the main window"""
        super(DmWebBrowserWindow, self).finish_initializing(builder)

        self.AboutDialog = AboutDmWebBrowserDialog
        self.PreferencesDialog = PreferencesDmWebBrowserDialog

        # Code for other initialization actions should be added here.
        self.backbutton = self.builder.get_object("backbutton")
        self.forwardbutton = self.builder.get_object("forwardbutton")
        self.refreshbutton = self.builder.get_object("refreshbutton")
        self.stopbutton = self.builder.get_object("stopbutton")
        self.urlentry = self.builder.get_object("urlentry")
        self.scrolledwindow = self.builder.get_object("scrolledwindow")
        self.toolbar = self.builder.get_object("toolbar")

        self.webview = WebKit.WebView()


    def on_backbutton_clicked(self, widget):

    def on_forwardbutton_clicked(self,widget):

    def on_refreshbutton_clicked(self, widget):

    def on_stopbutton_clicked(self, widget):

as you can see i am using WebKit and WebView with python and quickly.

any ideas of code that will get this progress bar to work would be really appreciated

this is the code i am using to call the progress bar :

fetcher = UrlFetchProgressBox("http://" + url)
    fetcher.connect("downloaded",self, on_urlentry_activate)

any help me sort this please

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I haven't used progress bar widgets, but quickly has its own widget for your purpose:

from quickly.widgets import url_fetch_progressbar

Check out code for usage. You have to install quickly-widgets package. Heres a demo

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B ive looked at the check out code bit, would i need to add the progress bar to the UI in glade or do i just add the code? what is the best option? – DriftedMass Apr 19 '13 at 21:01
B ive tried adding the code to my script when i go to run the web browser under command prompt (quickly run) i get this error message : Traceback (most recent call last): File "bin/dm-web-browser", line 32, in <module> import dm_web_browser File "/home/matty/dm-web-browser/dm_web_browser/", line 14, in <module> from dm_web_browser import DmWebBrowserWindow File "/home/matty/dm-web-browser/dm_web_browser/", line 19, in <module> from quickly.widgets import url_fetch_progressbar ImportError: No module named widgets any ideas? – DriftedMass Apr 19 '13 at 21:56
Sorry, i forgot it's a separate package. apt-get install quickly-widgets – Ian B. Apr 20 '13 at 0:24
B cheers i should have thought about it being a additional package. Thanks for your help – DriftedMass Apr 20 '13 at 0:39
B ive put in the code you stated above (from quickly.widgets import url_fetch_progressbox) ive added to where the rest of my connectors are, but i still can not figure out how to get it to work any ideas? – DriftedMass Apr 20 '13 at 1:53

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