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The sensitivity of the mouse scroll wheel famously cannot be adjusted as is explained in this question and the many duplicates asking the same.

I am wondering whether there is a simple fix available that would allow me to have two speeds: One standard as it is now and one accelerated when used in combination with a modifier key? I realize, I need to be careful not to clash with what's already there (in case I use it):

  • Ctrl-MouseScroll: adjusts the zoom in many applications.
  • Shift-MouseScroll: is used differently by some applications:
    • no scroll (chrome)
    • back and forth through browsing history (firefox)
    • accelerated scroll (editor in spyder)
    • horizontal scroll (libreoffice)
    • normal scroll (terminal)
  • Alt-MouseScroll
    • no scroll (chrome, libreoffice, terminal, libreoffice)
    • normal scroll (firefox)

Based on that, it would appear the Alt-Scroll would be a prime candidate for accelerated scrolling. How would I implement this in Gnome?

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