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I would like to run an application on a remote ubuntu machine using vnc. Currently I have to

  1. ssh into the remote machine and run x11vnc
  2. Run vinagre locally
  3. Start the application in the vinagre vnc window

How can I turn this into a single command line operation? I can combine 1 and 2 into a bash script but how do I do 3 from the command line too?

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If you want a specific app in your vnc session, you can use vnc4server and edit .vnc/xstartup to start your application. But the shared desktop won't be your physical X11 display, but another (virtual) display.

An alternative would be to use ssh / X11 forwarding (ssh -X server) : any graphical application you launch is redirected to your local desktop.

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ssh/X11 forwarding is far too slow to be usable sadly for me. I'll take a look at .vnc/startup, thanks. – Anush Apr 18 '13 at 13:00

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