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ORAC is a 3D chemical modelling software designed for UNIX OS and I have downloaded the tarball and extracted it but now I have no idea what to do. The README file included read:

    * GNU Make
    * GCC 4.3 or higher
    * (possibly) other Fortran 90 compilers

Prerequisites for building the parallel version:
    * MPI (Message Passing Interface) libraries and
      MPICH2    [] 
      OPENMPI   []

    * also see README_PARALLEL in tests/*/

To build ORAC executable program:

  make show         # to list all available compilation targets
  make <target>   

To build a fresh distribution, cleaning all files created by user:

make distro

I am running 32 bit 12.10 and I have GNU Make installed and GCC.

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GNU make will compile this for you... Basically, you just have to run make <target> in the orac.5_3_3.r1963 directory.

First you will need the compilation tool required to build ORAC...

remi@host:~/$ sudo apt-get install gfortran

More tools and library might be required too, but you will have to check yourself : as the README doesn't say anything about dependancies, try to compile and see if it fail...

Then let's run make; several targets are supported, let choose default

remi@host:~/orac.5_3_3.r1963$ make default

When the compilation is finished you will find an executable orac_Linux in orac.5_3_3.r1963/src/default

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