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Problem: Rhythmbox play no sound after changing output device. Ubuntu 12.04, i386, Rhythmbox 2.96.

How i get this:

 - I have connected to my laptop a bluetooth headset.
 - In sound preferences I changed output device from notebook speakers to connected headset.

 - Turned on rhythmbox to listen to music.
 - Gave my headset to my friend without turning off. 
 - Laptop turned off.
 - Laptop turned on.
 - I tried to listen to music with rhythmbox.

Rhythmbox behavior is as usual, but applet-indicator on drop-down sound menu freeze when i click to play If to start rhythmbox from dash it works but no sound is playing. Other players works fine. I tried purge rhythmbox, gstreamer* and install it again, but no luck. If to login in other user - rhythmbox works fine.

I think it is something with pulseaudio, but i don't know what to do...

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You may have ended up with erroneous user settings for Pulse Audio. To restore default settings we may delete its hidden configuration directory in ~/.pulse (or ~/.config/pulse, depending on release version). This directory will be recreated to default settings after restarting pulseaudio.

mv ~/.pulse/ ~/.pulse.bak/  ## removes erroneous user audio settings
pulseaudio -k               ## restarts the sound server

If this does not resolve your issue please try with additional steps I gave in my answer to the following question:

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Thanks! after doing your instructions rhythmbox plays again on laptop loudspeakers, but another problem appeared now - when i turn in wired headset - laptop speakers became silent and no sound appeared in headset( – usefreeit Apr 18 '13 at 8:27
After rebooting everything works! Thanks again! – usefreeit Apr 18 '13 at 8:37
in 15.10 mv .config/pulse .config/pulse.bak – individuo7 Jan 1 at 16:40

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