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In OpenSuse there is a applet for choosing different energy-profiles for your notebook. Are there any tools/applets that will enable those features for ubuntu?

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Battery Applet/Indicator

This is designed as a replacement for the original battery indicator which will give you more information and options including 4 power levels

  • Power Save
  • Ondemand
  • Normal
  • Performance

It shows the charge level of your battery and whether you are using the battery or mains. It can be used as an indicator or a gnome applet so can be used on Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10 and older

To install you will need to add there ppa - ppa:iaz/battery-status A guide for adding additional ppa sources is available here - what is a ppa and how do I use them - after you have aded it an updated your system you can install battery-status from the Software Centre by searching for it.

Hope this helps

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This sounds exactly for what I'm searching for. I remember, that the CPU-Load-indicator has nearly the same functionality. But I will give a try. Thanks a lot. – pschmidt Feb 27 '11 at 15:20

Ubuntu's power management utility has 2 different profiles (AC and battery) you can change these things from System -> Preferences -> Power Management . But as for a quick switcher nothing that I know of exists in official repositories.

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The below link provides details of installing Battery applet which also come with power profiles. check out

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