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I´ve just installed SONAR LE 8.5.1 on my Ubuntu 12.10 machine. And, against my expectations, it works complete fine! Except for one thing:

When I record something, SONAR is getting the audio-data and can save it correctly to a .wav file (C:\Cakewalk Projects\#Project-Name#\#File#.wav what equals /home/user/.wine/drive_c/Cakewalk Projects/#Project Name#/#File#.wav). I can play the recorded stuff with any audio-player and the file is set to 775 permissions. BUT: When i then press play / record in SONAR, it tells me

Failed to open C:\Cakewalk Projects\#Project Name#\#File#.wav

When saving the project, closing the application and opening it up again it tells me

Some audio files were not found and are replaced with silence.

As it says, the recorded file is then "empty" or "silent" even though it exists.

Changing the folder/file permissions to 777 did not help :/ Any idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance for taking care of this :)

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Maybe it doesn't like your special characters in the filename string. – mdpc Apr 18 '13 at 0:55
Tghe Program itself is putting (),-'s in the filename, that sadly cannot be avoided :/ – marstato Apr 18 '13 at 20:24

Ok, mdpc was right, it was a problem of the filename. The strange thing is:

The Project-Name (and with that the Folder-Name) may not contain special characters but spaces. But it is completely ok if the files have special characters, e.g. C:\Cakewalk Projects\My Project(Testing)\My Project(Testing), Voclas, Rec (8).wav will NOT work, where as C:\Cakewalk Projects\My Project Testing\My Project Testing, Voclas, Rec (8).wav will work.

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