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I was unable to configure my university VPN. Here is the log.

#: pppd 2.4.5 started by root, uid 0
#: Using interface ppp0
#: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/pts/4
#: nm-pptp-service-3798 log[main:pptp.c:314]: The synchronous pptp option is NOT activated
#:    SCPlugin-Ifupdown: devices added (path: /sys/devices/virtual/net/ppp0, iface: ppp0)
#:    SCPlugin-Ifupdown: device added (path: /sys/devices/virtual/net/ppp0, iface: ppp0): no ifupdown configuration found.
#: <warn> /sys/devices/virtual/net/ppp0: couldn't determine device driver; ignoring...
#: nm-pptp-service-3758 log[pptp_conn_close:pptp_ctrl.c:430]: Closing PPTP connection
#: nm-pptp-service-3758 log[ctrlp_rep:pptp_ctrl.c:251]: Sent control packet type is 3 'Stop-Control-Connection-Request'
#: nm-pptp-service-3758 log[pptp_read_some:pptp_ctrl.c:551]: read error: Connection reset by peer
#: nm-pptp-service-3758 log[pptp_read_some:pptp_ctrl.c:544]: read returned zero, peer has closed
#: nm-pptp-service-3798 log[ctrlp_rep:pptp_ctrl.c:251]: Sent control packet type is 1 'Start-Control-Connection-Request'
#: nm-pptp-service-3758 warn[open_unixsock:pptp_callmgr.c:348]: Call manager for is already running.
#: nm-pptp-service-3758 fatal[callmgr_main:pptp_callmgr.c:129]: Could not open unix socket for
#: nm-pptp-service-3758 fatal[open_callmgr:pptp.c:487]: Call manager exited with error 256
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What kind of VPN is your University using? Which Ubuntu version are you using? Run: lsb_release -a –  konrad Apr 17 '13 at 9:02
My university uses pptp. I can connect that using windows. The lsb command gives following output ============================== No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 12.10 Release: 12.10 Codename: quantal –  amiangshu Apr 17 '13 at 20:39
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