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I'm developing an app for ubuntu touch and I have tabs there. In one of them there is a list.

if I have this it don't show me any of items.

        Tab {
        objectName: "Tab3"


        page: Page {
            ListView {

            ListItem.Subtitled {
                    text: "Item One"
                    subText: "21 m \t North"
            ListItem.Subtitled {
                    text: "2nd item"
                    subText: "2.61 km \t South"

Where is the mistake? Thanks very much.

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ListViews get data from a ListModel, you don't directly add ListItems to them. See for more information about that.

A ListItem.* is used on the delegate property of your ListView, and will be used as kind of a template component, a new copy will be made for each item in your ListModel

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