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In order to upgrade Ubuntu from 10.10 to 12.10 I didnt use the update manager but reinstalled it completely, since old ubuntu was having problems and I could not log in (had login loop). I had not uninstalled it before. It started normally but its getting stucked many times and taking longer than 5 hours!! Why can this be happening? Can i abort the installing without problems?

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Problem - Failing hardware:
Hard disk
Run a disk health and memory check from the Ultimate Boot CD.

Problem - Sub-par network connection:
Packages hang-up downloading or your connection gets mangled
Choose not to download updates or install binary/restricted/extras packages during installation

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I had the same issue while upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10 so I instead aborted the installation without any errors and chose to download the ubuntu .iso file.

I then burned it to a external removable drive and downloaded linux live from and run it.

While running the program,insert the usb drive you want to boot ubuntu from and select the .iso file and the program burns it to your usb.

Boot your laptop from external device(1st priority) and install ubuntu.

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