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I'm trying to setup an Ubuntu private cloud infrastructure on a virtual environment via learning from

All have been done but I have a small issue; I see that juju has been added .localdomain to node's host-names during deploying of various charms. In another side of coin, my dnsmasq on the maas server node cannot resolve this new one changed host-name to a suitable IP address. e.g. juju debug-hooks nova-volume/0 says me node-aabbccddeef8.localdomain cannot be resolved or for example when I try to log-in to openstack-dashboard web UI, it says me an internal error which after my review, it's because it cannot resolve keystone node, node-aabbccddeef5.localdomain to any IP.

Why juju behaves like this? Can I say juju to roll-back the host-names? or any clean solution to learn dnsmasq to resolve these too?

Thanks in advance!

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I added domain=localdomain to dnsmasq.conf file which sorts the problem out.

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