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How can I enable ongoing changes to a working USB flash drive installation of Ubuntu 12? I would like to be able to add applications/tools and be able to use them on subsequent boot ups to the flash drive.

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Please make your question more clear. Are you interested to install new software on your USB installation? – tuxtu Apr 15 '13 at 3:37

This depends on the way you created the USB flashdrive. If you used "Startup disk creator" it gives you the option to store the changes "in reserved extra space".


  • get a USB stick that is big enough to store your changes,
  • then use "Startup disk creator"
  • load the Ubuntu ISO file that you downloaded from the Ubuntu site
  • the use the slider on the bottom of the window to allocate space of the USB stick for storing settings Make startup Disk
  • next time you boot with the USB stick, the changes and installations will remain there, provided that there is enough space
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