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I downloaded presentations with nice themes I would like to use myself.

The only way I found was to delete all the content and write my own.

Isn't there a better solution than this one?

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Please see chapter 2 "Using Slide Masters, Styles, and Templates" of the LibreOffice Impress Guide, esp. the stuff about 'slide masters':

more documentation at:

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Could you please be a bit more specific where to find this feature? Basically exporting master pages and/or presentation backgrounds. – pcworld May 31 '14 at 12:12
-1 Even after reading alot from your linked pdf, I did not find the required information ... this should not be the accepted answer ! Even the basic information "use templates!" is missing! – Alex Apr 18 at 9:00
  1. Open the presentation which runs the nice theme
  2. Select the slide which runs the nice theme
  3. Press: File --> Templates --> Save as Template. Give some name to it and save it ( I used the predefined folder "My Templates")
  4. On the presentation you want to use this template, right click on a slide slide --> slide design --> Load and select the template you saved
  5. Or, if you want to exchange a existing design go to View --> Master --> Slide Master There you can again right-click and change the slight-design of the current Master.

Tested with LibreOffice Version:

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when you have the desired template open you should go to File --> Templates --> Save As Template... Click on save, enter template name and validate... When you wish to use this template any other time just do this; File --> Templates --> Manage Select the Presentation tab and choose the template you saved. Hope this helps you!

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