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i pc has 3 hard drive with several partition in each drives ? in 12.10 the installation crashes right after you click next on the 1st language selection box. it looks like parted or something related failed. i heard this does not happen if you have only 1 hard drive. hoping they will fix it in 13.04.

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Please posta layout of those discs if you want to see if it is fixable. 3 discs in itself is nothing the installer should make problems about. There needs to be another problem. – Rinzwind Apr 14 '13 at 19:24
nah. its a bug with the installer. u can disconnect the drives. keeping only one. the installer works fine. its not fixed in 13.04 euther. – mojo Apr 26 '13 at 8:50

I suffered this problem when shifting from 12.04 to a clean install of 13.04 with twin hard disks and a dual-boot to Windows. The 'Disk Setup' stage refused to recognise existing partitions or free space. Partman usually exited with error code 141 but sometimes crashed. I lost three days days of my life and became intimately acquainted with testdisk.

Eventually I tracked the fault to the existence of dmraid metadata on the two hard drives. It was not shown up by testdisk but was listed by dmraid. Using dmraid -rE to erase the unnecessary metadata meant that the ubiquity install routine functioned normally.

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