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I have a couple of medical books most of them are in a .chm format. I wondered would there be a file format that can be easier to navigate, supported and of equal file size in Ubuntu?

Because if there was any, I will start converting all those books and probably using them with less hassle on all my Ubuntu PCs and my Android phone.

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You can convert them to PDF using the command line program chm2pdf install chm2pdf. Once installed you can run the command from a terminal like this:

chm2pdf --book in.chm out.pdf

In case you didn't know, there are several chm readers available - just search chm in the Software Centre.

You can also extract chm files to html using the command line tool 7-Zip install p7zip-full:

7z x file.chm
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Pdf conversion isn't a solution I'm looking for. Yet, thanks for your fast reply. More ideas? – Julio Feb 27 '11 at 7:02

If you do not want to use PDF then I would suggest Epub, a fairly good, open e-book format, you can install a good reader for it called Calibre on Ubuntu, Calibre has a useful conversion facility that can import chm files and then convert them to other formats epub included. epubs can be easily read on most smart phones and tablets as well.

Calibre can be installed from the software center.

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There is also KChmViewer, if you prefer KDE.

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KChmViewer is Ok. but I'd prefer the firefox addon [CHM Reader]. Not a good solution for my issue, as I want to get rid of those lousy chm files I already have to a better supported format. Pdf isn't good either. Options? – Julio Feb 27 '11 at 7:05

How about converting them to html format as you are looking for browser based solution. dv3500ea has already posted how to convert from chm to html.

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There is also xchm and a few chm readers on Android.

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Wine is enough .

Then : Open it using this soft

enter image description here

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