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I've got a mail with eml file attached. I'm using Thunderbird but it doesn't open it.

Could anybody suggest program to open eml files?


I don't want to import my mailbox I want only read the content of eml file.

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I saved attachment after I opened with File->Open Saved Messages... menu in Thunderbird.

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  • Save the .eml file in any place in your computer.
  • Install this plug-ins here. (see important note you can import EML files in IMAP accounts).

    To install the extension, follow this procedure:

    • download the xpi file that you find in this page or in the homepage, right clicking on the link and choosing "Save target as";
    • in Thunderbird, go in "Tools" ➜ "Addons" (or "Extensions") and click on "Install";
    • pick the xpi file you downloaded and follow the instructions;
  • Restart Thunderbird.

  • Go to Tools ➜ ImportExportTools ➜ Import eml File and find your file.

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