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Is there a way to change the gateway of an existant VPN connection with a command line? Changing the gateway value in the connection file with sed doesn't work for me.


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There are at least two ways to change the default gateway on a modern Linux system:

  1. Using the traditional route change default gw gateways_ip ethX
    Advantage: Works on all unix like systems.
    Alternative: route delete follow by a route add. Do not try this when connecting remotely.
  2. Using the ip command.
    ip route { add | del | change | append | replace | monitor } ROUTE
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Maybe I should edit it to 'newer'. Personally I only discovered that command a year ago, despite using unix-alikes since 1991. (mostly slackware 2.4, 3, severals BSD etc etc). – Hennes Apr 14 '13 at 12:48

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