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For example, I want to rename tif/fat/tul/codes/ to in the same directory. Currently I know these:

mv tif/fat/tul/codes/ tif/fat/tul/codes/

, which requires me to repeat typing the full path (can be annoying if the path is quite long) or

cd mv tif/fat/tul/codes/

The drawback being I have to type 2 commands, and there is a side-effect of changing the current directory (which can be undesirable in many cases)

Is there a more efficient way to do this?

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This should answer your question:… – Glutanimate Apr 14 '13 at 10:45
find /path/to/dir/ -iname -execdir mv

/path/to/dir is path of directory in which you want to rename files.

Note: This will rename all files in directory /path/to/dir/ and its subdirectory.

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Another thing you can do is open another shell (like bash) in your current one, cd to the directory of the file, and then mv. Then you just move back to your previous directory with Ctrl+D

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