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I just tried to upgrade from 12.04LTS to 12.10... I used the update manager and everything was going on well till my system froze up. I had no option than to hard reboot and realized that I could not continue using the update manager. I used apt-get -f install and looks like installation was done successfully. Problem is system manager still tells me I have 12.04 LTS installed but when I run ls_release -a in the terminal it tells me I have 12.10 installed. I realize many things are malfunctioning and I can't update. It says CANNOT INSTALL UPDATES: Try partial update and when I try it says cannot ugrade from quantal to precise. I wonder if anyone has answers for me... THanks

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Check if sudo apt-get dist-upgrade installs anything. if it didn't work try reinstalling ubuntu-desktop package.

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Actually did that. Did apt-get dist-upgrade and went to bed. WOke up and restarted the system and Voila everything is ok. 12.10 working perfectly. THanks – Joey Apr 14 '13 at 12:00

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