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I Installed Ubuntu 12.10 on a 45GB partition, and when it asked me to reboot the computer, the dual boot menu didn't appear, it boot directly Windows 7.

When I checked the disc management, there was the partition where I installed Ubuntu with 23GB total & 100% free, and two other new partitions without any names, one is 20GB and 100% free and the other is 2GB and 100% free, it looks like Ubuntu isn't even installed.

I read about GRUB in some other similar problems but I didn't understood what's that, I've never used a Ubuntu or a Linux before, this is my first time.


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Boot from the LiveCD again, open a terminal and enter sudo fdisk -l. Then copy all the output in and link it here – Lucio Apr 14 '13 at 1:28
You can open the terminal either by Ctrl + Alt + T or by clicking on the dash and then search for the word "Terminal" – Suhaib Apr 14 '13 at 2:10
Windows does not recognize Ubuntu's filesystem, it will always show as 100% free, even if Ubuntu is installed. It seems that you just forgot to install GRUB to the MBR. Try adding an entry for GRUB (Ubuntu) on Windows' bootloader. Of course you'll need GRUB installed to another partition, as described in the link. This can be done using a Live CD. – Alex Apr 14 '13 at 3:27

To my knowledge you cannot install Ubuntu on an NTFS partition. This is likely what caused the problem. Deleting the Ubuntu partition visible in Disk Management and reinstalling Ubuntu might fix it. You should leave the space as free space inside windows, then create an ext4 partition from within the Ubuntu installer. Or choosing install alongside Windows should also work.

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The real problem is likely the UEFI system. Boot with ubuntu live and use boot repair. look at and use 2nd option. when it repairs system boot and after reboot, you should see the grub menu to choose between ubuntu and windows. then you may edit your partitions in your ubuntu with gparted or similar programs.

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