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Yesterday I installed the latest version of Ubuntu on an old working computer (At.XP2200/32bit). Unfortunately, the network connection of the PC is not working and I have no clue why.

  • During the installation, there were no problems. The computer has connected via the LAN card (DHCP) to the home network, and even downloaded updates.

  • In Ubuntu itself, the network card, which is also detected, is unable to connect to the network. (In the network settings it says: There is no network cable connected)

  • The network manager even says that the connection was already being used once.

  • The green light of the LAN card lights up. The LIGHT of the network connection to the router is also lit green, but there is no activity (ACT).

  • In the router-menu it can be read that the network card of the computer had already been connected to the network once (name / MAC address is displayed).

  • If you start from the Ubuntu Live CD, the link / Internet works without problems.

  • Deleting the connection or a manual IP configuration did not work.

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what output does the ifconfig command give? How about ip route show? The file /etc/network/interfaces could also might have some clue. –  Silviu Apr 13 '13 at 12:02
If-Config: imgur.com/3HzhA8t // NetworkIface imgur.com/a/TplTB#1 // from the Live-CD: imgur.com/Pf6oHQE –  FlowK Apr 13 '13 at 15:41
doesn't help me much to see from the liveCD. if you do a ifconfig on the installed distro, does it show the same output? –  Silviu Apr 14 '13 at 12:27
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