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I was a windows user in the last year i listened good things about Ubuntu & Finally installed 12.04 on my acer laptop . I found it useful & nice . after 5 months i saw KDE & really love that then installed KDE package on it & use it for a while & i was happy. but after one update my software center was brooked & i cant install anything on my Ubuntu since that update (i asked that question on but not a good answer found) & i found some other problems & Now i want to erase(remove) that & install a new Ubuntu (13.04 when released! or 12.10) but i want to keep my windows 7 . so tell me how to install a new one instead of my 12.04 ? (sorry for my bad English ! thanks!)

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You can install it the same way you installed 12.04. And it might look daunting at first but it is very simple. I promise :-)

2 step plan:

  • So burn 12.10 on to a DVD and reboot with that newly burned disc inserted into your system. Let it boot from the DVD and at some point you get asked to install.
  • When you get to the installer part where it asks what to do in relation to partitioning choose to erase/replace the current Ubuntu. This will remove 12.04 and install 12.10.
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boot to live Ubuntu DVD or boot my Ubuntu with DVD inserted ?(thanks for answering) – HOS Apr 13 '13 at 10:48
1st one! sorry if it was unclear – Rinzwind Apr 13 '13 at 10:50

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