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I want to make a simple GUI Application. Can anybody give me source code of a simple GUI Application? So far, I have been competing in Programming Competitions (I have been using C++ for it) and now I want to get started with Application Development.

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Remember you can also use apt-get source package-name to get the source code of existing applications in the repositories. Or checkout the repositories at some online services, like Launchpad and Github. –  Ángel Araya Apr 14 '13 at 3:18

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To make simple applications in Ubuntu, you'd possibly want to look at the Ubuntu App Developer API.

On this website, you'll find a plethora of resources for application development on Ubuntu and you'll see that, under "Programming languages" your knowledge of C++ will be well placed.

If you must see source code, there are some examples under the Ubuntu App Developer Cookbook as well as external links.

Finally, you may also want to check out Qt for further reading.

Good luck!

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The Qt link is broken. –  Madara Uchiha Dec 14 at 11:46

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