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KDE boots up, shows the KDE logo with five dots, then the screen goes black. I can hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 and get to a console login, so I know that the monitor and video card work, but X never loads anything other than a black screen.

This was previously working fine for over a year. I run apt-get upgrade regularly for security updates, so its possible that something upgraded and I didn't notice it, but I cant think of any particular upgrades that seem related.

I even replaced my video card, thinking it might help, but it hasn't.

I know this has come up on this site before, and I have read other topics, but I'm attaching my nvidia bug report log. Can anyone tell me how to fix the black screen?

nvidia bug report log is here: http://pastebin.com/V0900Z9f

Thank you in advance

I'll be happy to paste the log in this post, but its 3,000 lines. If linking it from elsewhere is bad etiquette please let me know.

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