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I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 Server, with MAAS option. All the processes during and after installation end successfully. maas-import-pxe-files works and imports the precise images. But when I boot up a node using PXE, it gives me:

IP-Config: eth0 hardware address 89:00:29:79:86:E1 mtu 1500 DHCP
[    2.775718] eth0: link up
IP-Config: no response after 60 secs - giving up

This is after the linux and initrd.gz have loaded, and the devices have been recognized.

I have tried booting with other machines, same issue. DHCP is working fine.

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Found out the problem. Its in the r8169 network module, for realtek network chipset. For now, I don't know any method to replace it for the boot or network to work. –  Dragunov Apr 13 '13 at 17:55

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