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I have Ubuntu 12.04 and can't install driver for ATI RadeonHD 2400. I tried different ways:

  1. Additional driver can't find nothing
  2. I downloaded the driver from here.
    After run in terminal sudo sh ./. Press Enter and open a new windows in gedit, and after 40 min come an error gedit don't have enough memory and close it.
  3. A friend tell me to install driver manually in TTY , press Ctrl+Alt+F1 => login, here big problem, I can't log in because "login incorrect" and I wrote users and passwords correct.
    I used sudo passwd to change the password, but I get the same problem.
  4. Synaptic can't find nothing
  5. If a log in my friend tell me to do sudo service lightdm stop, cd Desktop, sudo sh ./ name_of_driver.run

What can i do? Why cant login in TTY? If exist a old driver, give me.

Note: in Ubuntu 10.04 additional driver find a very old driver but 12.04 doesn't.

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sudo sh ./. Sorry, but what is this!? You are missing a file name behind the 2nd dot. No idea what this does but the gedit, memory error makes me believe it is sorta of bad... Please try it with the correct command. Maybe it does work then :) –  Rinzwind Apr 12 '13 at 19:42
i fix this problem with install ubuntu 10.04. This version of ubuntu find a driver , after i upgraded to 12.04 –  dejan george Apr 14 '13 at 16:32
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