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I used the instructions in the answer to this question but it won't open when I click those links in my browser. I can go to terminal, and type xdg-open and then paste the txmt link, and it will work, so I know my script (a ruby script @ usr/bin/local) is working correctly and the protocol handler is set right in gconf.

Any suggestions?

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I am using RVM, ruby version manager. My script to load gedit and parse the txmt handler is written in Ruby. In whatever capacity xdg-open is launched by Chromium, it does not have access to the currently active ruby in RVM via the #!/usr/bin/env ruby hashbang. Research into RVM showed that there is a rvm-auto-ruby which points to the currently active --system ruby in RVM.

Running which rvm-auto-ruby gives me /home/jake/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby so in gconf-editor, I put this for the handler application:

/home/jake/.rvm/bin/rvm-auto-ruby /usr/local/bin/txmt_handler "%s"

And now it works!

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