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I followed the answer to How do I install gedit without Zeitgeist? and installed gedit without zeitgeist (in fact, zeitgeist is completely removed). gedit runs happily without zeitgeist.

Now I can't install anything else, because synaptic complains all the time that two packages (gedit and gedit-plugins) are broken; the update manager continually tries to upgrade zeitgeist from non-existent; installing another package "helpfully" tries to uninstall gedit & plugins, etc.

Is there a way to tell apt to STFU and not install zeitgeist and not uninstall gedit? No, apt-get -f install is precisely what I do NOT want.

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I would make a dummy package with equivs that "provides" the dependency without actually providing anything. This may break things if they actually depended on something and you're faking it.

I've already answered this here: How to trick apt dependencies? but you would need to edit the control so that you had a "provides: zeitgeist" line in there somewhere (check the syntax on that too!)

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