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I have BackBox Ubuntu installed on a USB flash drive and it boots and runs just fine. However I would like to modify the boot menu but can't find a grub.cfg file. Therefore grub-update will not work. I've also tried using Grub Customizer but it shows both device.map and grub.cfg missing. Most posts I've found with grub.cfg missing have boot problems which I am not having. Is my setup not really using Grub but an alternative boot system? Any help to reconfigure the boot menu on this system would be appreciated.

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Not 100% sure about this but I'm pretty sure unless you do the HDD install, then I don't think Grub is installed. I know when installing to the HDD Grub2 checks for other OS's and configures itself automatically now for single or multi-booting. It works like a charm but is more of a PITA to mess with than the old GRUB. Booting from cd/dvd or Flash Drive is a different situation. I have heard of multi-booting Flash Drives which I havn't experimented with yet and can't say if they make use of GRUB. Maybe someone who knows more than me could chime in... –  user157941 May 12 '13 at 6:00

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