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I have installed WPS office from the omg ubuntu website but my problem was it had to many crashes and is in chinese. In the software center, all it says is reinstall, not remove. Is there any way I can remove it?

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WPS Office is Chinese software intended to be used in Chinese.

UbuntuKylin, a new official Ubuntu flavor intended for users in China, includes "cooperation with WPS", so presumably WPS will not crash when used with Kylin.

The current version of WPS is actually Windows software. The Linux version of WPS at OMG Ubuntu is still in Beta, so some crashes are to be expected.

If the Sowftware Center is not offering an uninstall option, you should be able to use Synaptic or the command line to uninstall: sudo apt-get purge wps-office.

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The latest version (alpha 10) provides official English support, add many new features and fix many bugs. You can download it here. – platinor Jul 8 '13 at 9:11

You can remove it using sudo apt-get remove wps-office or sudo apt-get remove "name of package".

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You can remove WPS Office/Kingsoft Office by follow commands:

sudo apt-get purge wps-office   # for a8 or earlier versions.
sudo apt-get purge kingsoft-office  # for a9 or later versions.

BTW: Kingsoft office is full English support, and stable enough now? Do you want try it again?

You can get newer version here:

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If you are having problems with an out release, foreign language program, then you can do this...

  1. Learn Chinese
  2. Uninstall it with sudo apt-get purge wps-office
  3. Live with it.
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