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I have a printer which has no drivers available for linux. There are only Windows drivers available from the vendor. The printer is Lexmark X2470.

So since I can't install the printer, nor use it with CUPS, I wonder if there is anyway I can share the printer via Samba (or another system), so that a Windows computer on the network can install it as a local printer?

My idea is that I plug in the printer through USB on the Ubuntu Server, and from there share the printer, or the USB port. Then I install the printer on my Windows machine by pointing the installer to smb://usb0001/ or something similar.

Is there anyway to do this? Thank you.

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That would be cool.... but why not just print from your linux fox to pdf on a shared directory/dropbox/something and print from there? I love to fiddle around more than most, but sometimes you just want the printed paper. –  Scott Goodgame Apr 11 '13 at 21:18
The problem is that the printer is a multifunction-printer. Therefore I would like if the Windows machine would see the printer as if it's plugged into the Windows machine's USB port. This way, I would be able to use the accompanying printer software natively, and be able to scan documents aswell. –  Zeelia Apr 11 '13 at 22:18
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