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The multisession function works for CDs, but not for DVDs.

There is no option to add files after creating a Multisession DVD. Why is it not possible to create a multisession DVD with brasero?

Thank You.

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When burning it there is an option called Leave the disc open to add other files later

Brasero Burner

Click on Properties And the following Windows will appear:

Brasero Properties

Other users have reported that turning on DAO in Edit > Modules > growisofs > Settings also helped.

Lastly it also depends on the DVD Recorded you are using. Some models have been known to create this problem. Changing the unit helped.

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thankyou for your answer! sadly, the option "leave the disc open to add other files later" or "properties" does not appear when i want to create a dvd. i don't want to burn iso's, just data-dvd's. with cd's , it works, but not with dvd's. – melodram Feb 25 '11 at 19:59

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