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It appears that Nautilus no longer provides an Open in New Window option in its right-click context menus:

Nautilus context menu ▸ Open in New Tab

What procedure should I now use instead when I want to open a folder in a new window?

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Hold Shift while double-clicking it.

I discovered that through trial and error. The documentation of keyboard shortcuts for Files is frustratingly sparse.

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Edit -> Preferences, under the Behaviour tab, you can choose to open each folder in a new window, but this would get annoying if it was the default option!

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What I did is:

Edit -> Preferences -> Behavior -> Open each folder its own window /UNCHECK/

It was unchecked already, and must be so by default, so I checked, closed, tried the behavior which did open new window but in initial manner.

Then I returned to the Preferences and unchecked, tried it and voila!

Good luck!

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It appears I've answered exactly the opposite problem... – Multifix Jan 9 '14 at 18:31

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