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I have installed xcp-xapi on ubuntu 12.04, I can run VMs perfectly but I cannot make live snapshots, I receive the following error message:

xe vm-snapshot new-name-label=my_snap vm=482c0f4c-fa7d-67c1-a178-559b81b79ede

Error code: SR_BACKEND_FAILURE_82 Error parameters: , Failed to snapshot VDI [opterr=failed to pause VDI XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX],

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you should check the capabilities of your SR: do

xe sr-param-list uuid=[replaceme]


allowed-operations (SRO): forget; VDI.create; VDI.snapshot; plug; update; destroy; VDI.destroy; scan; VDI.clone; VDI.resize; unplug

Especially for VDI.snapshot, that's what you need, if your SR doesn't have it, it probably means you are not on an LVM backend and/or the xcp-xapi drivers are missing. I bet you have deployed using 'ext' backend.

Post it here.

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