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guess this has been addressed before, as I see a number of related searches on this.

I'm using 12.04, Gnome Classic - No effects, because it is the one that best seems to work with my somewhat old laptop. Now, is there a way to use the Grid function? I've gone thru CompizConfig, but no matter what combination of keys I set, it does nothing. I guess my Compiz is not managing my windows. How can I tell If I'm using Metacity? And if this was the case, How can I set the grid function with it? Both keyboard and mouse drag&drop would be awesome. In fact, I loved those in Unity 3D, and I'm missing them quite a lot!

Thanks!! [EDIT] I thought it may be related

I see now that I can't seem to be able to run Gnome-classic (with effects). When I try to log in in this mode, It seems to be starting as Unity 2D.

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Gnome Classic No effects uses Metacity and I'm pretty sure there isn't a way to enable any of those fancy effects. Can your laptop run just Gnome Classic (not no effects)? That uses Compiz and I'm sure there is some way to enable a few of the effects. –  Seth Apr 11 '13 at 14:04
When trying to run Gnome Classic, the sessions starts as Unity 3D, which my laptop can't "afford". Any idea of why this can be happening? Thanks! –  user148376 Apr 12 '13 at 17:24
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