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Please take a look at this launcher button.

When I hover the mouse on it, it shows the name of LibreOffice Calc.

enter image description here

If I right click on it, it shows two applications,

enter image description here

New Spreadsheet and Terminal

If simply click on the launcher, a new terminal appears. This never starts LibreOffice Calc.

I can start LibreOffice only if I right click on it and then select and click New Spreadsheet.

Moreover, as you can see, it shows an option to Lock to Launcher. But nothing happens (change to unlock like others) when this option is selected.

I am utterly surprised since I do not remember changing anything special except regular updates.

Other launcher buttons are fine.

Could you please tell me how do I debug this problem?

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You have to edit the calc.desktop with gedit (or your normal editor). On my computer it is situated in /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/xdg/calc.desktop. If not check /usr/share/applications.

Edit the name in [Desktop Entry] to Name=LibreOffice Calc (instead of Name=Terminal) and the Exec to Exec=libreoffice --calc %U (instead of probably Exec=terminal).

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Things are fine after a logout and login. Very strange. I was trying to find the reason rather than how to correct it at this moment. I would still like to find the reason. – Masroor Apr 10 '13 at 23:52

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