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I am a computer science engineering student. I have currently taken up a project for developing an OS for smart wheel chair! Since i dont want to go as deep as kernel development, I have decided to work on linux kernel and build my OS on top of it. my question was, where do I find the emulators for Intel X86 tablets so that the OS i develop can be tested and debugged??

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If you're trying to do that, you're probably not looking at x86. You're probably wanting ARM. Try the Raspi and Raspian – RobotHumans Apr 10 '13 at 12:09
Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. This Q&A site is about the Ubuntu OS and its official derivatives. You are more likely to find more help for your question on another Stack Exchange site. Stack Overflow or even better at Unix & Linux are probably better suited for your need. – Dan Apr 10 '13 at 12:14

For the x86 platform you have a few options. Assuming you want something that doesn't cost you money (like many students would prefer), here is a list that you can evaluate:

I would recommend VirtualBox because of it's rather complete featureset and versatility. It is possible to interact with a running Virtual Machine using the VBoxManage command line utility. Sending keystrokes is done with VBoxManage controlvm <host> keyboardputscancode <hex> and screenshots can be saved with VBoxManage controlvm <host> screenshotpng <file>. Using these, you can automate driving the VM by processing screenshots and sending commands to the VM.

You can read more about VBoxManage in the official documentation at

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