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I'm using version 12.10. When I do large file copy from windows network share it always hangs the copy process. Rest of machine is fine, just the copy process is hung. I connect to the share by launching home folder then clicking on the network section. From there I can find my windows share. I'm finding this very annoying as I have over 2tb of data to migrate from my old windows environment to Ubuntu.

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Samba? If so... samba is slow. Broadcasting to find computers on the network is never quick.... If this is a 1 time copy: yry with FTP or SSH. – Rinzwind Apr 10 '13 at 7:58

To me it sounds like a case for rsync; there you can just resume the copy process in case it hangs or you have to reboot inbetween or whatever causes interruption.

rsync -avz -r --stats --progress --perms --links /windows/files/ /home/user/migrated/

The copy process itself is a bit slower, one should mention.

Further examples:

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Had the same problem. Setting the io scheduling priority to 3 (idle) works for me. Issue cp command as:

ionice -c 3 cp fromFile toFile

So it means that the program could be waiting for too long and somehow exiting.

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