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I'm aware of the post: How do I remove apache installed with make install and use apache from the repositories?.

I installed httpd2.4 from source. But for httpd2.4, there is no make uninstall available. Are there any easy ways to purge httpd2.4 built and installed from source?

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I did it this way:

NOTE: please, read carefully, don't break your operating system.

The Idea: get files that appear after "make" (build). Then search those files on system and remove them.

Uninstall files installed from a source code tar-ball - nixCraft

 - entered to source files of httpd-2.2/ folder.
 # need to clean previous build, and get empty build files snapshot.
 - make clean 
 # get empty build snapshot.
 - find . print | tee make.b4 
 # build project.
 - ./configure && make 
 # get files snapshot after build.
 - find . print | tee make.after 
 # get difference before and after build.
 - diff -y --suppress-common-lines make.b4 make.after | tee httpd_orig 
 # perform needed formatting.
 - cat httpd_orig | column -t | tr -d '>' | tr -d ' ' | sponge httpd_orig 
 # get only files name.
 - cat httpd_orig | xargs -n1 basename | tee httpd_orig_files 
 # get system files snapshot.
 - find /  \( -path /boot -o -path /dev -o -path /home -o -path /lost+find -o -path /media -o -path /mnt -o -path /proc -o -path /root -o -path /run -o -path /tmp -o -path /sys -o -path /var -o -path /opt \) -prune -o -type f -print | tee httpd_on_system 
 # run python script do remove files created on build project we find on system.
 - python 

# File:
# Uninstall httpd 2.2 installed from source.
import os

# read file with build project files name.
with open("httpd_orig_files", "r") as f:
    files = f.readlines()

httpd_orig = list()
for line in files:
    # create a list of build files, strip remove newlines.

# print files name from project build.
print httpd_orig 

# open file with files paths on system.
with open("httpd_on_system", "r") as f:
    httpd_files = f.readlines()

for hfile in httpd_files:
    item = hfile.strip()
    filename = os.path.basename(item).strip()
    status = filename in httpd_orig
    if status:
        print "{:<10} {:50} {}".format(status, filename, item)
            # remove files from system.
        except Exception as e:
            print e
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