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I'm having serious problem with my WiFi connection, respectively with the internet connection.

My laptop is Lenovo EDGE E 530 3259-4DG . I'm able to connect to any WiFi, but then the internet connection is not working. On my WiFi at home (where I installed the Kubuntu 12.04 64bit) , the internet connection is fine.

As a summary, I'm able to connect to other WiFis and always get the IP address, but then the internet connection is not working then. I tried four different WiFi routers and had always the same issue. I have no idea how to solve it. Does it has anything to do with the rights?

Thank you very much for any suggestion.


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Ok the ip is assigned , now just check this

1) the routing table is populated ?

route -n

do you have the default route added ?

Destination Gateway

if you are too lazy and the network is open , just try to ping an ip address, use google public dns , is mnemonic simply

if you ping it you are online and the routings are ust fine

2) the point 1 is ok ? now check the dns

cat /etc/resolv.conf

this will output lines like this

nameserver XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX some times the XXX.XX... is the IP of your router / AP or the DNS server of you ISP

if nothing present , just add manualy one

sudo echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf

I think that these 2 steps solve your issue.

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Thank you, your solution did help me. Great! – Martin Apr 12 '13 at 13:19

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