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I've read this page: And it tells me to open up the SSH config file, which was in 2008, located in "~/.ssh/config" well, it was not a recognized path at all, and the file didn't exist. So, where can i find this file now in 2013 ? I am sure there are made changes, and if anyone know, i would appreciate that

Thanks! Best regards

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That is still the correct location. You don't have one by default on most systems -- you frequently need to create it and the .ssh directory. See 'man ssh_config' and 'man ssh' for more details.

From man ssh on my system: ~/.ssh/ This directory is the default location for all user-specific con‐ figuration and authentication information. There is no general requirement to keep the entire contents of this directory secret, but the recommended permissions are read/write/execute for the user, and not accessible by others.

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Thanks alot, well explained, and very good help! – denNorske Apr 16 '13 at 10:01

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