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I have a Intel Core i5 64bits laptop with Ubuntu 12.10 as a single boot installed.

I want to install windows 7 64bits in the VM and to do so, I need to enable intel Virtualization Technology in the BIOS.

But after I do that, Ubuntu is still booting, but UI will never start (TTYx consoles work very well).

Any idea where the problem is ? What can I try when UI doesn't start?

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Toggling Intel VT settings in the BIOS should never render your system unbootable. My best guess is that something else was the cause. Please share more information about what errors you see on the screen. Also try to gather more information from the logs in recovery mode. –  gertvdijk Apr 8 '13 at 22:50
Thanks. Sorry yesterday there was a little panic. System is still bootable, no data were lost either. But I can't access Splash Screen anymore, I have dark screen with only a pointer available. What kind of logs could be interesting in that case? What are the UI procs to be checked? –  Augustin Riedinger Apr 9 '13 at 6:34
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