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Is there any application that allows connecting via SFTP using private keys rather than password?

I know that I can do that via Nautilus, but I would prefer some standalone application.

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I would try FileZilla Install filezilla. It proved to be reliable and feature-rich for me.

Here is the Wiki page on how to SSH2 keybased authentication works.

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because of UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 bug I didn't see Filezilla menus, but I found proper options in Filezilla settings. Tnx :) – Paweł Karpiński Feb 24 '11 at 18:13

Adding to what @Octavian Damiean says (since FileZilla's sftp description wasn't helpful to me), I'm successfully using it with sftp, some of findings are as follows:

  • set public key to filizilla via "Settings --> Connection --> SFTP" (FZ converts the file into .ppk file and asks where to store).
  • Create server setting for the server you're connecting to via "File --> Site Manager".
    • Port: (can be blank)
    • Logon type: Interactive
    • User: the one that you use with ssh from commandline


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Another GUI for mounting and managing a remote file system is gigolo

sudo apt-get install gigolo

Run gigolo


Choose type of connection (FTP, Obex, SSH, WinDav or Windows Share). Enter URL, User ID and Password for remote server. The remote file system shows up as a folder under "Network" in the local file browser.

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